Integrated Design Associates (I.D.A.) is an architectural design organization established as a place for creating new architectural concepts. Based in Tokyo and Hong Kong, it was established by Yasuyori Yada and Winston Shu, who were classmates at Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. Our Tokyo office members are mainly former staff of the architect, ARATA ISOZAKI, and our Hong Kong office members are mainly former staff of the architect, NORMAN FOSTER. Currently both offices, based in Tokyo and Hong Kong, aim to work in active collaboration globaly on various architectural projects in Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Europe, U.S., etc.

Our Tokyo Office, including our long experience at Arata Isozaki & Associates, have mainly worked on public facilities including art galleries, schools, museums, concert halls, convention halls etc, and we are also experienced in various fields from commercial to residential facilities. Our Hong Kong Office, including our long experience at Norman Foster and Partners, have worked on large-scale public facilities such as airports, train stations etc., and recently both offices are engaged in research and practice of reducing the environmental impact of buildings.
By incorporating our different experiences in architectural career, I.D.A. has set up a flexible system that can be adjusted to meet the diverse demands of each project. We have a complete environment for providing high-quality architectural design.

We have a wide diverse network of collaborating organizations not only in Tokyo and Hong Kong, but also in various countries throughout the world. Through our global network, we offer consulting services such as supporting foreign architects' projects in Japan and also Japanese architects' projects overseas. I.D.A. is a new form of architectural design organization that explores into a new scope of architectural activities.